Barbara Guzzoni

I got my degree in physiotheraphy in 2002, but I have always been interested in neurological rehabilitation and in children.  In fact I started studying physiotheraphy at university almost by chance, without knowing what a physiotherapist would do, but when, during the first year at university, I saw my teacher’s hands guide a newborn baby towards a physiological movement, it was love at first sight. After getting my degree I worked with adult patients in various institutions, to come, in 2007, to the Child Neurology of the hospital of my adopted town, Cremona. After my degree I delved into different topics in specialized courses; that’s where I met Hans Sonderegger and the rehabilitation perspective of Guided Interaction. The first course I had with him was in 2003 and it was a complete revolution which determined the subsequent path I followed. I’m still applying and improving my knowledge of what Hans gave me the opportunity to observe and understand, even if I miss deeply his guidance. The most important part of my training is up to every single little patient and their family I meet every day.

Barbara works and live in Cremona, Italy.

Michaela Peter

Kunsttherapeutin und freischaffende Künstlerin mit Atelier in Amberg/Oberpfalz

Selbständige Kunsttherapeutin seit 2009


Christine Blass

Physiotherapeutin, ausgebildet an der Universitätsklinik Marburg  “Rudolf-Klapp-Schule” seit 1988

Heilpraktikerin auf dem Gebiet der Physiotherapie seit 14.März 2019

Konzeptentwicklung BRAINRESTART® 



Marco Ardemagni

Graduated as Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Therapist, neurological specialization, in University of Milano in 1998.

He is the President of Italian Hans Sonderegger Association

He treat enthusiasticly adults with sever brain lesion since 2000 and childrens since 2007.


Sandra Sutarna

Ergotherapeutin ausgebildet am Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst seit 2002

Selbstständig in eigener Gemeinschaftspraxis für Ergotherapie, Frankfurt

Kursassistentin BRAINRESTART®




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